looking for shops in kent, the heron american craft gallery is now the heron shop.

shopping in kent ct and kent ct stores, there is none better than the heron shop, formerly the heron craft gallery owned by ellen corsell. the heron shop is the perfect place for crafts near me, for unique gifts near me, for great kids toys near me, or kitchen supplies near me! Come visit the heron shop, the heron craft gallery, the heron american craft gallery!


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Clothing Whether you want an accent or an outfit, we have wonderful, stylish pieces that will sing to you, from Salaam, LIV, and Inizio. There are T-Shirts from Unemployed Philosophers Guild, Dark Cycle hoodies, BlueQ totes, and Peepers Readers and Clic Readers!

We have a great selection

Clothing Bags, hats, dresses, skirts...and these Foot Traffic socks!
We have locally made pieces as well as clothes that just cry out to be worn, from casual to ultra dressy...

Clothing Admit it, you want a great hat!


Clothing Soruka bags are perfect to set the mood, definitely making a joyful noise!

Something for every season ...

Every season deserves an outfit from our shop maybe from Salaam! Salaam

Salaam top and Inizio Linens
Spring swirls to Fall bundle ups, the look you want, whether Inizio Linens, a comfy sweater or a flirty skirt is on our shelves, waiting for you!

Clothing Not really clothing, but a lot of fun, nonetheless!

What have we got?

Toys and things

We have the most beautiful jewelry, all hand-made! Perfect for wearing day or night, as a pick-me-up, for dressy moments or casual...

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